Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Nail Looks

I have to be honest. I am NOT a fan of Katy Perry's 'shatter' nail polish look. I know that a lot of girls find it cute and punk trendy and that's ok, I respect your opinion. But personally, I think it looks messy. You either pay or put in good amount of effort to get your nails manicured. Why would you want to get that chipped off, scraped look after you put all that work into it? I like black polish. But I am just not a fan of the 'shatter' look.

 It just looks grungy..

But I tried this new color called 'Borrowed & Blue' from ESSIE's wedding collection, and I'm loving it.

It's blue version of Fiji by Essie. I have the color on my toes. Usually I get a pedicure every week because I get very tired of the colors quickly but this one, I had it on for more than a week already!

On my nails, I've been having UV Color gels on for almost a year now. Before than UV permanent French. I do love the color gels, because they really don't chip. I'm very rough on my hands, i type a lot, cook, dishes, clean, etc. and regular polishes usually chip off in less than a day. But these gels, they really last for 2 weeks. I usually go back and forth between O.P.I. color gels that they call AXXIUM or Harmony gels names 'GELISH'. As far as the quality goes, I think they're about the same. But this week I have on bright yellow color gels, from CND, not the 'Shellac' line but the original gels they came out with a long time ago in small silver jars.

These are called BRISA color gels from CND. And to be honest, I think they might be a better in quality than the Shellacs...Anyway, yes, my nails are bright yellow.

Now that it's spring, I really am feeling light and bright colors. No more dark taupe or dark greys or blue blood red, black purple colors.

I just wanted to share some spring colors with you guys. O.P.I.'s spring collection colors this season is Pirates of the Caribbean theme...

I don't know....None of the colors are ugly....but the only colors I might try are the 2 pinks and the turquoise...But even the turquoise looks a lot like Essie's Turks & Caicos / Mint candy apple. Ah well, I like turquoise anyway. 

Okay, I know that this is my first blog, but you gotta start sometime right? ^^ Ciao.

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